Saturday, December 6, 2014

Jingle Bell Run/Walk for arthritis

My friend Kim wanted a big team for the Jingle Bell Run for arthritis in Greenville today, so we decided to join in. 

I hadn't been feeling very good all week, so I wasn't really sure how it would go, but I knew it would be fun and planned not to worry too much about my time. 

It was a very festive atmosphere! This is our team at the start:

I actually hadn't run at ICAR much, but I had heard it was somewhat hilly.

Sure enough, after a short downhill right at the start we hit our first hill. I was hanging out with Brad and taking it relatively easy, but I also liked Kim's age group medal from last year, so I wanted to stay ahead of as many girls as possible. I lost Brad a little on the hill and caught up to Kim. We ran together for a little while and noticed that we were under 8 for the first mile. At the top of the hill we turned around and headed back down, so you got to see everyone. It was fun to cheer for all our friends. Just when I was thinking about slowing down, my friend Kristin said that she had only counted 4 women ahead of us. I started having thoughts of placing overall, so I picked d it up a little. The second hill (I think there were basically 3) was the worst, but slowly I passed 3 of those girls. Then when we were almost back to the start we had to turn right and go up one more hill. I passed another girl almost at the top. We got a good view of the competition as they were coming back down and I saw that there was only one more girl in front of me. It would have been cool to be first, but I knew I didn't quite have it today and I was very happy with second. :)

It was fun to cheer for everyone as they finished and then we went to find the post-race food. Chik-fil-a was a sponsor, so we got some chicken nuggets to go with the fruit and granola bars. Yum. 

Then it was time for awards. Turns out they only did the top person overall, but I was first in my age group! 

3 of us placed in our age groups!

So, in summary - if you're considering this race it's a fun, festive race for a good cause and definitely worth a try!

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